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Brow Perfection  


This service is your go to brow appointment. Includes; Measure, reshape, wax, tint, precision tweezing and trimming. Finishing with ight massage or brow makeup.


Brow tint only  


This is for a brow tint only. If you require waxing, tweezing or trimming, please book for a Brow Perfection.


Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination is a treatment similar to lash lifting where the brow hairs are lifted and manipulated to give a more fluffy full look or to tame unruly brow hair.

Not suitable for those who have extremely thin or little to no hair.


Brow wax only


This is for a brow wax only if you require tinting, tweezing or trimming please book for a Brow Perfection.


Student Brow 


This is for students only 11-18yrs. Includes brow wax, tweeze and trim. Does not include tinting. Please book for Brow Tidy or Brow Perfection if you require tinting etc.

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