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Herbal Active Peel FAQS

Herbal Active Peel is a natural-based cosmetic treatment designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. It typically involves the application of an herbal paste or solution containing a blend of plant-based ingredients, such as herbs, enzymes, and minerals. The peel aims to stimulate skin renewal, improve texture, and address various skin concerns, including acne, fine lines, and pigmentation.


What does Herbal Active Peel Treat?

​Herbal Active Peel can treat: Pigmentation Sun Damage Enlarged or Blocked Pores Congestion  Scarring Redness Age Spots Lines and Wrinkles


How does Herbal Active works?

Herbal Active Peel is a skin resurfacing method, based on a compound of dried crushed herbs with a history of safe application going back over 50 years. Unlike other skin peeling treatments that are based on synthetic acids to deliberately cause injury to the skin for their effect or deep chemical peels and laser treatments that can create abnormal epidermis, similar to scar tissue which rely on the body’s regenerative repair mechanism to improve the appearance of the skin. Herbal peeling works from the opposite end of the spectrum The skin naturally repairs itself every 28-35 days and the Herbal Active Peel can significantly shorten this natural renewal process “New Skin In 5 Days” Herbal active peel does not contain synthetic acids, chemicals or abrasives. At no stage during the treatment with Herbal Active Peel is the epidermis breached. The fact that the epidermis remains completely undamaged during the massage, and the fact that the skin peels only 3 or 4 days after the treatment shows that the Herbal Activ Peel is an ‘epidermal’ peel. Yet the results recorded in numerous cases are nothing but astounding.


What are the differences between chemical acids and Herbal Active Peel

There is another fundamental difference between chemical acids and Herbal Active Peel. Removal of one or more layers of acids will leave the skin vulnerable to external influences, with infection an ever present threat. With Herbal Activ Peel the old skin stays in place whilst the new skin regenerates. The developing new skin is protected until it is ready to face the environment without ill effects.


What to expect during treatment?

The initial peeling treatment takes about 1 hour and the client will leave with skin fully intact. An immediate improvement is evident at this stage with the skin having a glow similar to what we see after a workout at the gym. The skin can feel tight and when it is touched, you can feel tiny herbal particles embedded in the skin. These herbal particles will dissolve in the skin over the next 2 days. In the process they release their bio-active ingredients – Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and more. By day 3 the skin will feel tight and peeling may occur, depending on your health and metabolism, if peeling does not occur on day 3 it will most definitely occur on day 4. It starts around the mouth and over the next 24hrs progresses over the rest of the face (at this time it is recommended to stay home). Day 5 you will have your ‘post-treatment’, the final removal of the last traces of the old skin. “New Skin” is revealed. Your new skin is pampered with a Vitamin Mask rich in beneficial substances. Your skin will continue to improve over the next 21 days and be at its best four weeks after the initial Herbal active Peel treatment. At this point you can have a further treatment if you desire. There is no limit to the number of peels you can have. Please note: everyone’s skin peels differently. There are a few skin conditions where the Herbal Activ Peel treatment is not appropriate. You be asked a few questions to ensure that you will get the best possible results with complete peace of mind.

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